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I’ve been wanting a New X-Men Jean for a long time, because that’s the first actual comic I read with her in it, and that’s the first time I fell in love. (I had fond memories of the Jean from the animated series, but I was so young, they were pretty vague.) 

I have a lot of issues with Morrison, with the run itself (when they get Loeb to come in and clean up your mess, that’s saying something) - but his Jean? She was amazing. He hit the exact right balance between compassionate and fierce, determined and stubborn, understanding and petty. She was a hero, yes, but also a human being. 

I know so much more about her now, about her history and struggles and evolution, and it only makes me appreciate Morrison’s take more.

I’m still mad about how and why she died, but I don’t really him for that - and her last moment were reaching out to someone, trying to comfort an enemy. That makes me happy. That’s Jean, through and through.


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