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My Vids

DC Comics

I Felt You
Subject: Jason/Tim
Song: Nineteen by Tegan and Sara
Time: 0:35

Hide My Wings
Subject: Helena in Cry for Blood
Song: Angel with a Shotfun by Cab
Time: 0:39

Your Time Now
Subject: Stephanie's journey
Song: Now by Fireflight
Time: 0:24


These Memories
Subject: Jason Todd in Under The Red Hood
Song: Remember by In This Moment
Time: 4:25

Young Justice

Beauty of our Own
Subject: The YJ: Invasion girls
Song: So Beautiful by Superchick
Time: 1:58

Subject: Artemis Crock
Song: Unbreakable by Fireflight
Time: 1:55

Marvel Comics

My Little Phoenix
Subject: Jean Grey
Song: My Little Phoenix by Tarja Turunen
Time: 1:09

I Was Here
Subject: Dead X-Men
Song: I Was Here by Beyonce
Time: 3:55

X-Men: Evolution

the child forever gone
Subject: X-23
Song: The Heart I Once Had by Nightwish
Time: 3:57

One Girl Revolution
Subject: Jean Grey
Song: One Girl Revolution by Superchick
Time: 1:35

X-Men: First Class

Damn Them All
Subject: Raven/Mystique
Song: Medusa by Heather Dale
Time: 3:35

so certain the journey
Subject: Erik/Charles, from XMFX to X1.
Song: Eric's Song by Vienna Teng
Time: 4:44