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Scattered thoughts on Elementary's latest ep:

The case itself was eh, but the important thing is that we finally have some focus on Detective Bell, and he was magnificent. Like, at the same time as him being such a stand up guy and an excellent detective and snarky as fuck, I love that he can be petty and stick his foot up his mouth and hurt the people he loves.

I love that he continues not to take any of Sherlock’s shit, even though he respects his abilities. I kind of ship it, ngl.

I REALLY wish we’d got that scene between him and Gregson, I assume it was cut for time. PLEASE BE ON THE DVD.

And his brother.

…Was I the only one hoping he was his boyfriend, though? Because that would have been - not only awesome, but different. Because we have SO had the “ex-con sibling of cop” thing. Just. So many times.

But they did it well.

Meanwhile, Joan continues to be amazing. (When she called Bell family, oh my heart. I want all the scenes and fic of them being bros.)

I like that her therapist isn’t demonised for her perspective. Because yeah, it’s sensible to tell Joan to GTFO. And I just really love that Joan’s therapy is treated as a normal part of her life.

Her figuring out Bell was the whistle blower was awesome. And it spoke SO MUCH about his dedication - that must have been such a painful decision. Those were his friends, his partners. He wanted to see this guy go down as much as anyone. But he had to do the right thing. Man has mettle, is what I’m saying.

And Joan knew that, which is part of why she could connect the dots.

Gotta say thought, I’m getting real tired of lady cops being the perps. I was hoping Reyes might become a regular, but no. I guess Joan will have to find another boxing partner.

I do hope she learns some self defence, albeit on her own terms. Sherlock does have a point - shit gets dangerous. He can stop ~testing, her though, which I think is likely after that ball to the face. (I laughed so hard I choked.)

So, basically? I thoroughly enjoyed myself, despite some quibbles. Keep on keeping on, Elementary.

Oh, by the by - my mom's reaction to Bell's car accident? Oh no, he's cute!
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I definitely thought it was going to be his boyfriend and I was super-excited for a few minutes until they explained. D:

Still (forever??) hoping eventually someone writes a Gotham Central crossover.