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Don't mind me, I'm just experimenting with a plot bunny.

Lots of swearing, because Jason.

He's never liked cops, really. If they ever gave a damn about Crime Alley, it was usually for the wrong reasons. Nowadays, they're just a nuisance.

But he doesn't go out of his way to hurt them, and he'll lend a hand if it won't fuck things up. The good ones, they're trying to protect their city too, even if they're doing it ass-backwards.

Some of them even thank him.

Like this one. She's a rookie, probably just got her uniform a few months ago. He doesn't know what the hell she's doing here all by herself.

She wasn't doing too bad, though, before he stepped in. She was surrounded - one of the gangs he really needs to take in fucking hand - but she moved fast, smart. Like she's been fighting a whole lot longer than her - what, year of training? Fuck if he knows any more.

But she could only last so long on her own with her gun kicked out of her hand, he decided to lend a hand. Some of them just ran off when he landed beside her, which feels pretty great. She didn't miss a beat, though, falling into step with him like he was wearing the same badge.

Then all of them were gone or down, and she smiled. Smiled in a way that made his chest ache, and he had no idea why.

And she has dimples. Fucking dimples.

"Thanks." It's not sarcastic, either, or even wary. She crouches down and pulls our her cuffs and doesn't even seem to care that he's looming over her.

"Yeah, sure." Smooth, Hood. Terror of the fucking night.

He drops down, too, pulling out his zip ties.

"So you do capture some of them alive." He glances up, and she's smirking at him.

"I have some fucking standards, okay." The guy he's sitting on right now, he's barely even legal. Probably got caught up in this shit because it was the only way he felt safe. Jason remembers that temptation; who knows if he could have kept resisting it, if -

He yanks hard on the line, and ignores the muffled curse.

"Good to know." She doesn't sound surprised, which shouldn't feel as nice as it does. He's tired of being written off as a monster.

"I guess you're not gonna help me lug these thugs back to the station, huh?" She sounds so casual about it. He gives her a flat look before he remembers he has a helmet on.

"I'll pass."

She grins and shakes her head, dark hair whipping across her chin. "I'd vouch for you."

"Yeah, I bet you word is fucking gold, rookie." Some of them might listen, might look the other way after he saved one of theirs. He doesn't know how many wouldn't, know, and he's not stupid enough to take that risk.

She just shrugs, standing up and scanning the shadows for her weapon.

He sees it first, and he should really just take it, just in case. But he doesn't, and the next moment she's training it on the ground.

"Okay, boys, time to march."

"You sure don't sound like you almost died five minutes ago." Yeah, what he shouldn't do is chit chat with an armed cop.

But all he gets is another shrug, as the two men struggle to their feet. "Why dwell, right?"

Why dwell, right?

He doesn't know why the words make his heart race a little faster, but he decides it's annoying, and his next words are sharp.

"It was stupid as shit, going here by yourself."

The gangbangers don't seem to mind being ignored, probably because she's got her gun back and all of his are in hand's reach.

"Yeah, it was." Her smile is rueful, this time. "But some things you've gotta do on your own."

Jason realises that sounds like complete bullshit, when you hear someone else say it.

But it's not his problem, so he just steps back and lets her take her prize.

"Try not to get attacked on the way home."

"Oh, yeah, like you won't be shadowing me the whole time."

He almost fucking sputters. "The fuck makes you so special?"

"Nothing, really, but you didn't have to save me, and you don't seem like the kind of guy who does shit halfway."

That sounds way too logical for this entire situation.

"Yeah, well. Just remember who you're talking too, all right?"

"Red Hood. Terror of the underworld. Got it." And then she holds out her free hand.

"I'm Rena."